Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

A mechanical keyboard is a classic among such devices, but its cost is an order of magnitude more expensive than a membrane system. I’ll explain why. The response speed of a mechanical keyboard is higher than that of a membrane keyboard, and the opening and closing of the contact occurs already at half the key travel. I present to your attention a selection of ten RGB backlit mechanical keyboards available on the AliExpress website.

Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

Keychron K2 A V2

Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

A mechanical keyboard with a 4000 mAh battery capacity is connected to a computer or laptop via a USB cable. Recharges every three days.

The design is laconic, I would say, classic – it will fit into the interior of any room.

Thanks to the legs on the keyboard, the angle of inclination changes in accordance with the wishes of the user. It has 84 keys in total. The backlight is unobtrusive, does not interfere with the eyes if you are sitting at the computer at night.

Case material – ABS plastic. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the keyboard will turn off – a cool feature in my opinion.

Motospeed K87S

Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

The mechanical keyboard Motospeed K87S is equipped with 87 keys. Purpose – games, work with office programs.

RGB backlighting in several subtle shades is available on the white version of the model. The material of the keyboard case and keycaps is plastic.

According to the manufacturer, the model is designed for 50 million clicks. Responds quickly. The keyboard is connected using a tight cable 1.8 m long. The legs are rubberized, the keyboard does not slip on the surface of the table.

8 backlight modes. The bottom light turns off. Pressing the fn+del keys simultaneously changes the color; fn + ins – mode changes; fn+1, 2,3,4 – game modes.


Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

A compact mechanical keyboard model connects to a PC via bluetooth 4.0 or Type-C, USB-C – works both in wireless and wired modes.

Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux and Android.

The model is equipped with 61 keys, multi-colored RGB backlight. Available from the seller in two color options – white and black. Lithium-ion battery 1900 mAh. The keys do not stick, they are pressed without problems, they work silently.

Motospeed CK-82

Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

With a mechanical keyboard from the Motospeed brand, gamers will solve several problems at once – fast key response + protection against accidental keystrokes.

RGB lighting makes the game more fun, it is bright, but does not cause discomfort.

Russian layout. The model is compact, with 87 keys. The service life is rated for 800 million clicks.

Case material – ABS plastic. The base is metal, so the model cannot be called light. The seller offers the keyboard in black and pink.

BlitzWolf BW-KB1

Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

The RGB wireless compact keyboard is available from the retailer in black. The model has 63 keys.

Battery capacity – 1900 mAh. Provided that the backlight is off, the charge lasts for 10 days. With the backlight on, the keyboard can be used for up to 20 hours. In addition to bluetooth, the device connects to a PC via Type-C.

Skyloong GK61 SK61 61

Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

The dimensions of the waterproof keyboard allow it to be used even in limited desktop space. The model has 61 keys, connection to devices via USB port.

The backlight is bright and adjustable. Keyboard life is up to 100 million keystrokes. Not every model can boast of such a reserve of resources. I also note that the model has a dust protection function.

The cost is adequate, if you do not postpone the purchase, then you can have time to purchase the Claudia with a 50% discount.

Motospeed CK104

Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

A mechanical wired keyboard will appeal to those who want to keep up with the times. The full size model has 104 keys. The USB cable is 1.4m long. Gamers will appreciate the RGB lighting built into the keyboard and under the letters. Compatible with Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Mac OS, Linux.

Material – ABS plastic + aluminum. The model is afraid of water, consider this point before buying.


Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

A set of a keyboard and a computer mouse can be considered as an option for a holiday gift for a player.

The keyboard is full-sized, made in an original way – in the form of a “wave”, the height of the keys is different. Hands lie on the keys in accordance with ergonomic features. The keyboard and mouse are wired, connected via a USB port.

The color of the backlight does not change, there is a constant backlight and flicker mode, the brightness decreases and increases.


Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

The keyboard with eight lighting effects will impress gamers who want quality at a reasonable price. The backlight on this keyboard is not dynamic, only as in the photo.

The key travel is pleasant, the keyboard itself is built to last. It has 104 keys in total. By default, the keyboard comes without Russian characters. If you take a “Russified” keyboard, then the seller applies a set of keys with Russian characters to the keyboard. The inscription of symbols and letters differs from the original ones, as well as the shape of the keys themselves, but the keys with the Russian alphabet are not inferior in material and quality to the original ones. The substrate is made of aluminium. The length of the cord is 1.5 meters.


Backlit Keyboards: 10 Mechanical Models from AliExpress

The ZUOYA 87-key wired mechanical keyboard is equipped with two pairs of feet that act as a tilt adjuster. There are rubberized pads on the bottom, which allows you to keep the keyboard on the table surface so that it does not slip.

The volume of pressing the keys can be adjusted using bituminous sound insulation, as an option, from the Guerlain brand, it must be laid on the bottom of the plastic cover. After that, the keys will be pressed softer.

RGB backlight shines brightly, but does not interfere with work at the computer. Corresponds to the description on the product page. The seller offers twelve color options for the model, there will be plenty to choose from.

If, after reading the article, it is still difficult for you to make a choice in favor of one RGB keyboard option, then I advise you to refer to the reviews left on the Chinese site. Decide on the purpose of the purchase – perhaps you are choosing a gift for a loved one who loves to play games, or you want to please your loved one. Think about what exactly the keyboard will be used for, weigh all the pros and cons, and only then put the product in the basket.

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