Smart Weather Station Desktop LED LCD Digital WiFi Clock Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer Sensor Outdoor

International version Small but cute Timer Clock Weather Station.

Screen : 1.54 inch TFT IPS screen with 240x240px

Interface:Type-C USB ( one cable as a gift included!)

Power: 5V/1A

Size: 35mmx 37mmx 45mm, small but cute.

Lauguage: English only.

Function: show weather, atmospheric pressure, min/max temperature, wind speed, city, country/region, week day, outdoor temperature and humidity, and 3 gif animations inside (you can upload your own 4th gif).

NO button, No alarm clock.

Plastic material, NO BATTERY INSIDE, about 20g weight.


Below is the :

Firmware updated 2023/01/01:


1) Cancel the temperature format and change to metric and imperial options. Metric temperature in Celsius, wind speed in kph, imperial temperature in Fahrenheit, and wind speed in mph.

2) Add time digital color modification, 20x20x20 kinds of color combinations.

3) Add custom NTP time server settings, allow users to use their own NTP server.

4) Add weather API KEY settings, allowing users to use their own KEY.

5) Added 5 groups of NTP servers for backup, and optimized the problem that the time cannot be synchronized in some specific network environments.

6) Added reboot function to the webpage.

7) Added the function of restoring factory settings on the webpage.

8) Added MM/DD, DD/MM date display modes.

9) Other optimizations.

10) Added new IP address display for 3 seconds after booting up and network connected.

11) Added http://your new ip/update to upgrade through the webpage after wifi connected.

Older versions firmware are able to upgrade to this version, please follow our store and contact us to get new firmware notice and files.


Firmware updated 2022/08/24:


1) Support temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius. (Suggested by US friend)

2)Support different Date format, YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY. (Suggested by JP friend)

3)Add Night mode support. (Suggested By BR friend)

4) Other fixes.

Buy with confidence!!! We’ll offer help if you need!!! Please Please Please do not left 1-star feedback unless you have contact with us and we couldn’t offer a satisfactory solutions.

The FAQ is at the end of this description, please take for reference if needed.

Q: How to connect clock to wifi?
Step 1, Power On the weather clock with 5v DC, there will come out a wifi “GIF.TV” with no password, connect to it, on most cases, the phone will show up a setting page automatically. If not, open web broswer and visit will open the setting page manually.
Step 2, Chose internet connect, and scan wifi, choose your own wifi and input your password, then click save, it will restart to connect.
Step 3, if wifi is connected, it will show current clock time and default weather.

Q: How to set citycode ? Where to find citycode?
We use API of the website, and you can input your cityname and search, take “London,GB” for example, the number “2643743” in the link address “” is the citycode of London. Copy the number and set it in the citycode setting area.

Q: How to change settings if wifi is connected?
The GIF.TV will be off after wifi is connected, so this time look carefully a new IP address will be shown below the cityname of the screen. Connect to the same AP of weather clock, and visit the new IP address in your browser.

Q: How to upload gif images?
Visit the setting page after WiFi is connected, choose upload gif and click upload button, then in the upload page, upload your own gif images. Remmember to crop or resize it to 80x80px and no bigger than 700KB. website is highly recommended for modify gif images.

Q: How to reconnect to a new wifi?
Plug out the power line when the progress bar is loading 2 times, the third time it will enter AP mode, the “GIF.TV” will come out, then you can connect to a new wifi.

Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm
Brand Name




Model Number







With Backlight



Display Type



Desk Clocks

Is Smart Device


Motivity Type

External Power Supply









18 reviews for Smart Weather Station

  1. T***o

    5 out of 5

    Very cute small cube. Sharp display. I was having trouble to set it up but after seller spent a long, really long time to walk me step by step I finally made it works. Very happy for the seller’s great help and happy for this item.

  2. P***k

    5 out of 5

    Cute little gadget. Work great but need to be powered. I’m still working on how to change its country setting, though.

  3. g***e

    5 out of 5

    Really fast and quality (especially the screen!) On the other hand I advise you to settle everything and put the wifi last! Because otherwise you could no longer make the settings. I had to find the Ip address via my router to return to the setting page.

  4. Shopper

    5 out of 5

    You can read the manual to set up.

    You only need to put the numbers in the Internet address window, and the Wi-Fi settings are then connected

  5. s***g

    5 out of 5

    Thank you for fast delivery. The delivery took 10 days. It was faster than I thought. ^ ^ I did a little bit of connecting, but other buyers reported comments and solved it. If you don’t, try it several times. Then it becomes.
    First time Wi-Fi connection> GIFV connection> Advanced settings> Device Manager> Home> Settings> Region setting area from Number 2 settings (in The Wipi-connected state) click to search your city .. Do you enter and live in the area? When you enter the military, the city number 8 places at the end of the top address bar. If you copy and paste it into the save field, you will get a success phrase. Then you do. The rest of the animation. Temperature unit. Time color. Time unit. Usually the brightness. Night time zone brightness adjustment. Set the date Unit (7.11.12 times not touched)> 1 enter the Internet connected again, press enter and wait a little (about 5 seconds).> Auto scan WiFi> If you enter your home WiFi image and non-time, it will end. Please know for sure that your home is shared. ^ ^
    It may not be connected because it is wrong ^ ^

  6. h***k

    5 out of 5

    When you put all things up, a sentence starts with Don War.
    Open your phone GF? Starting with a WIFA one is floating.
    Enter, click Advanced Settings, enter the internal system and open the website window.
    From here on, you can follow it as described on the page.

    If you enter the page written in the manual, you can find the city code.
    If you write your neighborhood in English, the page will change and the number will be written at the end of the address bar.
    Perhaps this is a simple system that takes the information of this site as it is and is implemented.
    You can copy the numbers there and paste the numbers on your internal website.
    I’m talking about an eight-digit number and it was seven. It doesn’t seem to matter the number.

    Please change setting of day/month/year to year/month/day.
    It’s not intuitive to Korean people.

    Don’t touch anything else, just change the brightness of the lights a little.
    The brightness you see when testing can look bright because you see it on a dark screen.
    In fact, because of the large amount of information, it is recommended to increase the brightness a little more.

    Uh? I think it’s suitable. Grow a little more brightness when you do.
    Then when the information is full. It becomes just the right brightness.

    Information about temperature/humidity/time/date/day/day/view/maximum temperature/minimum temperature/wind speed
    It all appears until.

    Why do you have to look at this? It’s all on Internet websites, right?
    Yes, it comes out. It’s only for those who bother.

    I bought it because I was very sensitive to the outside temperature, so I was bothered to check the temperature at all times.

    The reason I bought is more than anything else.
    At the bottom of the computer, the time date floats above the day of the week.
    By the way, I bought it.
    Why? It’s pretty.

    I’m strongly pleased.

  7. J***n

    5 out of 5

    Works pretty well. Follow instructions on the device and it will work perfect.

  8. L***a

    5 out of 5

    The watch is really cool, it delivers what it promises! I had a little trouble setting up but after I followed the manual and what’s in the FAQ, everything worked out. Basically you configure by the IP. The cable that came together did not work but other than that perfect, arrived in 10 days and came well packed.

  9. C***a

    5 out of 5

    Arrived on time is light and small works great the packages came with no manual just a QR code the way to configure the clock may be a little bit awkward

  10. Shopper

    5 out of 5

    Very nice. In fact, you may include the below image (just rename the extesntion from png to gif to upload. I fee it looks better with this.

  11. S***e

    5 out of 5

    It’s easy to operate.
    1. USB-C connection (OK for cell phone charging)
    2. Find the WiFi “giftv” on your phone and connect it. —> Set your device to connect WiFi
    (Find a wireless router with your phone and connect it. Disconnect with your phone)
    3. The New received IP address (192.168. xx. xx) shown on the device is connected to the same router, laptop or PC, connection by cellphone. (in a web browser)
    (You only need to enter the number IP address in the Chrome or edge address bar)
    4. When the setting screen comes out, enter the city code in item 2
    (In a separate Internet window, go to the //, put the city name in English and put the floating number 7 digits in the address bar) (If you enter it, it will be applied immediately)
    5. Other settings (animation, flying format, Celsius/Fahrenheit, etc.)
    6. End

    I’m sorry I don’t have Hangul, but I’m Lucky I have yyyy/mm/DD in the date format.
    It’s nice because it’s a stand alone.

  12. L***y

    5 out of 5

    Setup interface via android phone worked well, customization is plentiful. Supports 80×80 pixel country flag gifs.

  13. I***a

    5 out of 5

    All as described, cute and small thing, the setting is simple but not clear at first. Fast delivery. Thank you

  14. G***s

    5 out of 5

    Fast delivery, only 15 days! Good product! Recomend this seller!

  15. N***o

    5 out of 5

    Getting this thing to work with Asus wifi6 router was another adventure. Even cooler than finding the type-C cord, with which this trifle began to distribute its WiFi for primary tuning. I got the third or fourth cable :-). In the country, in the network on the old Unifi-equipment, everything caught up instantly, but the city Asus, his mother, forced to create a guest network of 2.4 GHz, without all the devices of wifi6, for this little fig, and in it he now lives in splendid solitude 🙂 along this whole way there were great those. Support from the seller, And despite all these difficulties-this is a very cool contraption, which now stands and pleases me 🙂

  16. l***l

    5 out of 5

    Excellent. To access the homepage, 1 – connect to the device with your smartphone from your wifi settings. (Name on the device screen). 2-this will open the home page for you. At the very top, you select your wifi network and enter the key to your box. 3-You reconnect to your wifi on your smartphone. On the device screen, wait for its ip address to appear (scroll under the city name) and enter it in the address bar of your browser and enter. “You have a QR code to scan to get the notice in English “. To enter City code 1-Click on the home page link above the “city” box. 2-on the page that just opened to look for your city. Click on it. 3-click in the search bar of your browser to display the full address. Select only the last digits and then copy them. 4-returned to the setting page, paste the code into the City box. Validate.

  17. D***i

    5 out of 5

    I am writing well where I want to. I am satisfied.

  18. A***v

    5 out of 5

    It’s a great thing, I advise everyone, you need to tinplate unusual settings, but I advise you!

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