MUCAI 34 Inch Monitor 144Hz Wide Display 21:9 IPS 165Hz WQHD Desktop LED Gamer Computer Screen Not Curved DP/3440*1440

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Parameter Introduction

Brand Name: MUCAI
Ratio: 21:9
Display Size: 34″
Resolution: 3440*1440
Products Status: Stock
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 178°
Black and White Response Time: 1 ms
Model Number: N3488HZ
Screen Type:WLED
Panel Type: IPS
Application: Desktop
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Vertical Viewing Angle: 178°
Built-in Speaker: No
Brightness: 400cd/m
Interface Type: DP
Contrast Ratio: 1100:1
Launch Date: 2017
Response Time: 1ms
Refresh rate: 165Hz

Regarding tariffs:

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Weight 10.000 kg
Dimensions 105 × 21 × 53 cm
Brand Name


Display Ratio


Bracket Type

Swivel lift bracket

Display Size


High-Dynamic Range




Screen curvature




Horizontal Viewing Angle


Panel Type


Vertical Viewing Angle


Interface Type


Screen Type


Built-in Speaker






Contrast Ratio

1000:1, 1100:1

Launch Date


Products Status




Refresh Rate


Response Time


19 reviews for MUCAI 34 Inch Monitor 144Hz Wide Display 21:9 IPS 165Hz

  1. S***v

    5 out of 5

    The monitor is just class!!! You get used to this size quickly. It was really long! I recommend to buy!

  2. K***k

    5 out of 5

    Not bit, not painted)

    Broken Pixels did not find, the factory Film was (some write that they did not have it). I put on a paw (arm type bracket) in the specks of which there is a max load of 7 kg-normally holds, when turning does not press the weight.
    When I bought this mon-there were no options with a curved display. If you are myopia or just like to sit closer-don’t forget to do gymnastics for the neck😁Twitchy you will hesitate)

    P.S. Mon this was to replace Acer vg270up. Acer with his revision of the matrix was Canonical to me in color rendition, but having met this mucai-immediately palpable + 50cd in brightness and color. But being a graphite… Esthete graphics-the difference is felt instantly)

  3. L***m

    5 out of 5

    Monitors are excellent, they have been working for more than a month-everything is fine. Bright, good color rendering. I did not find any broken points. The light is minimal, in real work is not noticeable at all.
    For me it is very important-no PWM, eyes do not get tired!!!

  4. L***m

    5 out of 5

    Everything is fine! I did not even find something to complain about 🙂
    The best widescreen monitor for the ratio of price/quality at this time.
    The nearest competitors are more expensive at least 1.5 times!
    — Eng —
    Everything is great! I didn’t even find anything to complain about 🙂
    The best widespread monitor in terms of price / quality ratio at the moment.
    The nearest competitors are at least 1.5 times more expensive!

  5. 0***r

    5 out of 5

    Pluses; the monitor is cool, there are no dead pixels, the quality of the materials is not bad, the picture is bright. Cons: buttons, not a joystick, dried glue in the corners of the protective film on the matrix. P.s did not understand whether the speaker is built into the monitor? The result: the purchase “while” is happy. Bought for 31 k

  6. I***v

    5 out of 5

    Monitor is good, wow effect is)
    With the correction of colors it will be necessary to pump a little, well, what you wanted from the cheapest monitor on the market)

  7. m***m

    5 out of 5

    I write a review after 3 months. I bought a monitor for 22 K. The monitor came right in the box. Out of strangeness, there was no instruction and a protective film on the monitor. PC immediately the monitor recognized and exposed 165Hz. The menu of the monitor is strange, because there is a sound adjustment, although there are no speakers in the monitor, and there is no inclusion of HDR, although HDR in the monitor R Also, the LEDs at the back do not make sense, as they are only 2, and even at night they are just not visible, so in the settings they turned them off. The power supply is heated well, but for 3 months it seems like sunbathing is not going. In Windows, zooming made in 150% because without this it is too small. The color rendition and viewing angles are excellent, but here are the lights of course so-so, in the light games you can not see, but in the dark, the Metro type type type Before that, I used a 32-inch FHD TV 60Hz, and the difference with this monitor is significant in terms of smoothness. Well, of course I had to get used to it a little, because this monitor is 6 cm vertical less, and 10 cm horizontally more.

  8. S***v

    5 out of 5

    The monitor was bought for 21 K, came whole and in a protective film. The lights in the photo are straight huge but in life everything is not so, you can see only from above to the left and if you look at the bottom on the left. Broken Pixels how many did not search-did not find. Top for your money. If anyone is interested, the 6700ht video card with a small dispersion in the Forza 4 benchmark gives 120 fps on ultra settings.

  9. A***n

    5 out of 5

    The Chinese Roulette was on my side. Not quite a gaming, but a good monitor for 22 K.
    Field 16:9 as 27 inches with free fields on the sides, cinema OK, in Operation two monitors.

    + Cheap, with a good screen (they say as in the Philippines for 40 K) there are no dead pixels, PWM and glow.
    -Warranty, waiting. No equalizer black. Not 4 K, not 34 inches. Fat.

    If when you turn on without a lace, press and hold the “Menu” key on the manufacturer’s logo, there will be colored slides to check the monitor.

    1) the monitor is really wide. Not felt big. Field 16:9 as 26.5 inches.
    2) the screen is good. Without Broken Pixels, without large lights, without glow, without PWM. Corners OK. Black expected Gray as everywhere. There is a sight, there is no equalizer black.
    3) There is a marriage, from Russian warehouses. The seller offers 50% or at its own expense in .
    4) packing approx. Dense cardboard, a lot of foam, outside
    5) power supply Noname 5A/24V. In simple squeaks with ** A. In work-barely noticeable. Cables DP and hdmay.
    On HDMI from the laptop 3060 started in 4 K 100Hz

  10. O***n

    5 out of 5

    I liked the monitor. I did not find any dead pixels. Good packing. All the necessary cables are included. There is an adjustment in height, tilt and turn. The leg needs to be tightened with a normal screwdriver otherwise the monitor is uneven. Lots of settings. There is the inclusion of three types of sight in two colors, played in Far Cry-very convenient. In absolutely dark scenes there is glow effect and slightly visible illumination on the top edge of the screen (in the photo it is visible, but the camera is very frightening), there is no but this is a feature of IPs matrices. If you take TN, then there is worse color rendering.

  11. Shopper

    5 out of 5

    I bought a monitor on sale for 22000r. For this cost monitor chic) came for a month, ordered from . Picture and color rendition at a decent level. The assembly does not cause questions. But there is a question to the Duke, at a resolution of 3440×1440 10bit 144Hz, although the box says 165Hz. But for the sake of justice I will note, he worked at 165Hz a couple of times, but the conditions under which they were included I did not understand) I use the monitor for for for Do not judge the color rendition and picture on the photo made from the phone. Because the phone decided to shake (spoil) the quality of the picture and color)

  12. I***s

    5 out of 5

    Son liked the monitor. Compared with Iiyama 2792 by color in standard mode the same. Brightness is much higher, just excellent brightness. Turned on the HDR screen became blacks. DCR screen became bright. Then he did not understand these modes. Personally, I do not have enough quick brightness adjustment or Eco modes 4. the rest is fine. There are no dead pixels. I did not see the lights, if there is then no more than on Iiyama. The monitor came for a week from Russia. Asked a question before buying about the availability of G-sync FreeSync I would say that the seller answers in real time. I am very pleased with the purchase.

  13. 9***r

    5 out of 5

    The monitor is excellent, I did not see the lights. Took with shares and discounts for 27. t. Now and play games 2 K, 4 K quality high. And working for it with graphics (divide the monitor into two) is also convenient. Came very quickly with delivery from the warehouse from the Russian Federation, delivered by sdecom. The box was in one place a little cut, but there were no problems with the Monitor-everything had to be protected from foam. All can see in the photo. it is collected simply and quickly, the stand is adjustable, convenient. In general, I am very pleased with the recommendation. 5 +

  14. S***n

    5 out of 5

    It’s gorgeous. Mocai-push European brands on the Russian market!

  15. D***a

    4 out of 5

    Cons-after a week of use, two dead pixels came out, which definitely did not exist, and all with minuses.
    The monitor is excellent, satisfied with the purchase. HDR is included in both wind and games (someone in the Reviews wrote that HDR does not work). If not for the broken pixels would put 5 stars.

  16. s***s

    5 out of 5

    Came 6 days before Ufa, ordered from a Russian warehouse. The monitor is packed well, the box is whole. After my 24-inch monitor, this monster seems just huge. The leg in the kit is also rather big, I knew it and bought a bracket in advance. Connected via Display Port, immediately gave 165Hz in 2 K. Again, after the old monitor, Heaven and Earth, however, found one broken pixel, right in the center of the Monik, visible only on a black background, but a small sediment remained. Asked the seller to check for Broken Pixels before sending, said that broken pixels are the norm) Oh, come on, Monik is still top-end, especially for his own money. Work and play incredibly convenient and high. If you want new sensations from the monitor, definitely take it.

  17. Shopper

    5 out of 5

    The monitor came in less than a week, from a warehouse in Russia. Express top😁👍🏻
    As described in 100%
    Convenient to operate, replaces 2 ordinary monitor. Chill has reached a new level-movies and games are just a thrill🤙🏻😎God bless the Chinese

  18. S***v

    5 out of 5

    Excellent monitor, everything works right, brought in a week

  19. Shopper

    5 out of 5

    Came exactly one week to Omsk from Moscow time.
    There is no Mukai inscription, it looks great.
    There are no lights either, from the word at all (in the photo it is unreliable, in reality the lights are literally not visible), which is surprising for such a large panel.
    G-Sync works. 8 bit at 165Hz 3440 p
    The only thing, came with a non-working wire from the power supply. Keep that in mind! For at first I thought that the monitor had arrived broken and did not turn on until I realized that the matter was in the wire, took, bought another, replaced. Everything is OK. Seller satisfied
    This is not my first ultralide. Before that was lg29um. So it was even worse in terms of image quality

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