MIUI Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Sound Reduction,1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer with Stainless Steel Grinding System

MIUI Food Waste Disposal

• Snap design is easy to install, splash-proof and silent.
• No blade grinding + deep double layer shredding, safe and more efficient.
• Pure copper motor with German imported technology, stronger power.
• Overload protection + high temperature protection, longer life.
• Daily use, a month of electricity consumption of about 2 degrees, ultra-low energy consumption.

Easy Disposal of Many Types of Food Waste

MIUI food waste disposer can handle 95% of food waste such as fruits and vegetables, fruit peels and shells, small bones, small ribs, seafood fish bones, small shells, etc.

Cannot handle: plastic bags, hair, large bones, large shells and non-food waste.

One Click – So Easy

Operation steps.
1. Turn on the water tap.
2. Start the processor with one button.
3. Pour the food waste into the grinding chamber.
4.*Please note: After waiting for the food to be completely ground, continue to keep the faucet on and keep it on for 5 seconds and then turn it off.
5. The machine is set with overload protection device, exceeding a certain load or overheating, the machine will automatically shut down.

Blade Free Grinding System

The MIUI garbage disposer’s grinding discs feature a bladeless grinding system with built-in 360° free-rotating knockout parts. Their shape determines that the grinding discs are covered with ample knocking points during the machine’s telling rotation, which can directly break up food scraps instantly.

High Efficiency, Safety, Energy Saving

The machine is designed with three layers of grinding technology inside, the first layer is a stainless steel grinding disc that easily knocks up food residues. The second and third layers adopt gear structure, which is to deeply cut the residue debris of the first grinding disc, to guarantee that 100% of the residue flowing into the sewer becomes fluid substance and 100% avoid the problem of water pipe blockage.

The main machine adopts German permanent magnet motor, which provides powerful grinding power and can be loaded with 1000ml at a time. Users in the case of daily use of the machine, 1 month only consume about 2 degrees of electricity. Perfectly achieve low energy consumption, save time and energy, and more safety!

Current Overload Protection Design

Prevents overload of current, which may cause damage to the machine.

Thickened Feed Silicone Cover

Weaken the noise and prevent the residue from spattering when grinding.

Suitable Size

This machine is suitable for a sink opening of 110mm in size, while its button for the air switch is suitable for a 3cm mounting hole.

Important Tips

1. The product is suitable for 110mm sink opening.
2. The product comes with air switch as standard, and the recommended installation hole is 28.5~30mm.

Product Q & A

Q: How can I install the machine if the sink diameter is not 11cm?
A: The machine is suitable for sink diameter of 11cm, if the sink diameter is not suitable, we suggest you can use reducer (reducer ring) to change the sink diameter.

Q: How big is the hole of the air switch?
A: It is recommended that the diameter of the hole in the counter top or wall is 2.8~3cm.

Q: Is the machine easy to install?
A: It is very easy to install, installation requires some force. We simulate the installation steps in the product video, currently more than 99% of buyers can understand the installation steps through the video and instructions, if you find it very difficult, it is recommended to ask a professional for installation.

Q: Is the stone sink suitable for installing the machine?
A: It is recommended to judge by the thickness of the sink bottom, if the bottom thickness is 10mm (1cm) or less, it is possible to install the machine. It is recommended to polish the stone sink mouth smooth before installing the machine.

Q: How can I check if the machine is working properly after I receive it?
A: Please install the air switch of the machine, then plug in the power and press the button, the machine can start or shut down normally.

Q: I received a new machine and found that there are scratches inside the grinding disc, how can I do?
A: The product is inspected at the factory, powered on and the machine is started. Therefore, the grinding disc left working traces, this is a normal situation, buyers can install and use the machine normally, please do not worry.

Q: What should I do if the machine is stuck?
A: A jammed state means that the machine has activated the electrical protection function. Please cut off the power and clean all the residues and foreign objects in the grinding chamber (especially the edge gap), insert and turn the grinding disc with a screwdriver, and finally press the red reset switch lightly and power on to turn on normally.


Weight 4.930 kg
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 43 cm
Brand Name




Grinding Chamber Material

Stainless Steel



Model Number


Voltage (V)


Power of Motor (Hp)


Frequency (Hz)




Rating (Rpm)


Type of Motor

Commutator Motor


Air Switch Control, Auto-Reverse Grind System, Can Be Connected Dish Washer, Overload Protector, Sound Insulation, Stainless Steel Grinding Elements

Feed Type


Product diameter


Grinding chamber volume


Processor type

Household type

Grinding system

Bladeless grinding system


Multi-functional water plug + new tee fittings

Power cord length


11 reviews for MIUI Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

  1. S***n

    5 out of 5

    Got on time, fast. The weight is almost 5 kg. I haven’t installed it yet. Later I will make an additional feedback. I’m happy with the purchase. I will.

  2. N***v

    5 out of 5

    In general, a quality thing. Everything is in the kit, even a white outlet for the reverse osmosis hose👍The instruction is Russian, but it was translated through Google translator😄The lining of the sink with rubbing out of the box, when operating, apparently it will be worse than this minus. Given the cost I’m happy, you can take.

  3. A***v

    5 out of 5

    Good thing, clear instruction. A little noisy. Pretty big size

  4. Shopper

    5 out of 5

    Installed. We use it. No complaints yet. Grinds well. Peel from potatoes, from carrots, remains of porridge and soup. The instruction says that you can not solid and with fibers (waste from corn, for example). The button is not fixed. We think where and how. We have a table top made of stone, so the excess hole in it does not want to drill. They did not communicate with the seller. Took for 5900₽

  5. N***v

    5 out of 5

    The parcel came very quickly, within 5 days.
    Installation is easy, any will cope.
    The device is working, everything is as indicated in the description.
    To purchase I recommend!
    Test link:

  6. s***r

    5 out of 5

    I have a lot of concern and installation
    1. Thinklarge need work without an internal outlet
    2. Domestic S trap set, buy an apothete large diameter adapter
    3. Leap test operation test completed
    Think to a bit of a tremor

  7. A***o

    5 out of 5

    In the last apartment we lived with a Bort shredder. On a new one without a shredder, it greatly reduces the problems with the rapid accumulation of garbage. This one was taken for ~ 5500 in November 2022. The pneumatic valve has not yet been installed, but according to the experience of use, this has many advantages: 2 non-sagging corrugations included (the Bort did not have them and the usual ones could sag and clog), 3 small inlets under the overflow/washer/dishwasher + 1 more exit from the siphon of the second shell, reinforced neck (in the Bort it is cracked, Because of which he remained forever glued to the sink) this one is clearly more powerful. You can safely order and forget about the leftovers of food/tea, cleaning vegetables, problems when washing hookah. He will eat everything and send it on a trip. Video is not attached for some reason.

  8. K***o

    5 out of 5

    Everything’s fine. I ‘ve been a Dispozer to Korea.
    The gap is 4 ~ 5cm left 2mm left and right, so I’m worried about what to do… If it’s dirty, I’ll buy a new one.

  9. V***v

    5 out of 5

    Looks like everything is decent. Taking it out of the box turned it on, it plows.
    From the comments: Despite the decent packaging (cardboard, foam rubber, cellophane), there is a small chip on the element of the shredder, does not affect anything, but unpleasant. There are traces on the body, either dried glue, or something else, you usually don’t expect such a thing from MIUI.

  10. V***a

    5 out of 5

    The box was damaged, but the product was not affected. The chopper came in 4 days. Not yet installed

  11. Shopper

    5 out of 5

    The delivery is fast. All as described. Very high quality ABS plastic. All components in place.
    I will check later when I put the kitchen.
    I will write an additional review about the work of the Shredder

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