ENCHEN COCO Soap Liquid Dispenser Touchless Operation TYPE-C Quick Charge Water Proof Automatic Soap Dispenser Hand Washers


Product Name:COCO Hand Washer
Waterproof Level: IPX4 level
Rated Voltage: 5V
Rated Power: 5W
Working temperature: 5-40 degrees Celsius
Working humidity: RH0-95%
Sensing distance: Sensing object (hand)

Package Included:

1 x COCO Hand Washer
1 x Manual
1 x Type-C Data Cable

Reach out for bubbles, 99.9% effective antibacterial

Built-in lithium battery | Two-block bubble | Plant essence | Contact-free and more hygienic

Stay away from more than 400,000 germs, please wash your hands frequently

There are about 400,000 bacteria attached to one hand of a person, and a person touches his nose with his hand at least three times within an hour. People often say that “bacteria comes from the hand, and the disease comes from the mouth.” So you have to cultivate your nails frequently, before meals and after work.
The habit of washing hands. Yingqu COCO washes the phone without contact with bubbles, making the whole family fall in love with hand washing.

Automatically induce bubbles

The brand-new washing method starts from Yingqu COCO, which combines near-field infrared sensing technology with a micro foam pump. The infrared inspection interval is only 0.25 seconds, and the foam is produced extremely quickly. A large amount of foam can be obtained without touching the bottle body and mouth, clean and hygienic, and protect the health of the family.
Round Icon: Near-field infrared sensor, extremely fast foaming, more hygienic contact

Micron volumizing foam

Reasonably control the foaming ratio of gas to liquid to 12:1, and then pass through the bipolar separation foam screen with micron pore size, the formed foam is three-dimensional and has strong adhesion. The fine and dense foam can better cover the skin epidermis, reach the fine pores, and achieve deep cleansing.

Effectively inhibit daily bacteria

Authoritative laboratory tests have proved that it can effectively inhibit common bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc. The antibacterial rate is as high as 99.9%, which effectively protects the health of family members.

Mini high-efficiency motor

The selected miniature high-efficiency motor combined with rubber damping structure not only has high foaming efficiency, but also will not be disturbed by noise during use. The intelligent light-sensing design can also reduce power consumption. It can be used for two months on a single charge.

Two-stop bubble design Avoid multi-use and waste

Blind consumer testing has shown that there is a big difference between the consumption of adults and children. COCO has specially designed two-blocking foam. The rich foam can ensure that both adults and children can get a good hand feeling. At the same time, the consumption is more than 30% less than ordinary hand sanitizer. Avoid multi-use and waste.


1.If you need to clean, it is recommended to use a wet towel to gently wipe the surface of the foam soap dispenser when it is turned off.

2. If this product is left unused for a long time,please take out the liquid soap to avoid deterioration of it.

3.If you purchase a soap-flled model, the soap residue in the dispenser may cause blockage.

Please take water out about every 3 months to clean the dispenser so as to make the product to have a longer service life and better use.


1.Do not immerse this product in water or rinse it with water directly to avoid short circuit.

2.Do not tilt the bottle when installing or replacing foam soap. It is normal that a small amount of liquid flows out,and it can still be used normally after wiping it clean.
3.Do not use non-foam type liquid soap for replacement,so as not to cause machine failure.

4.Store this product in a cool place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Product details

Breathing light reminder, red light flashes for charging reminder, white light double flashes for 2 gears, white light flashes for 1 gear


Is it necessary to use special replacement hand sanitizer for Yingqu mobile phone washing?

Can I use other brand hand sanitizer instead?

It is recommended to match with the special replacement Yingqu hand sanitizer for washing mobile phones, which is more convenient to replace. This machine is only suitable for foam type hand sanitizer. Do not use non-foaming hand sanitizer for replacement. If the machine is damaged due to the use of non-foaming hand sanitizer, it will not be returned or exchanged.

Is it a quality problem that a small amount of liquid flows when the hand sanitizer is installed?

It is not a quality issue. There are small holes on the hand sanitizer bottle due to the function, so please avoid tilting the hand sanitizer bottle when installing. However, it is normal for a small amount of liquid to flow out, and it can still be used normally after wiping clean.

Can the machine be cleaned with water if it is dirty?

Yingqu foam washing phone is made of environmentally friendly and dirt-resistant ABS, with a waterproof rating of IPX4, which can be used in humid environments such as bathrooms. For cleaning, it is recommended to use a wet towel to gently wipe the surface, but please avoid direct immersion in water, rinsing with large amounts of water or similar cleaning methods.

Does the hand sanitizer have anti-bacterial function? Can it be used by babies?

This product uses natural, safe and mild antibacterial ingredient APG, tested by authoritative institutions, can effectively wash away 99.9% of the five common bacteria. The raw materials are all renewable green and environmentally friendly raw materials, and do not contain harmful chemical components. The authoritative organization test proves that the irritation is 0, suitable for babies.

Weight 0.580 kg
Dimensions 22 × 13 × 9 cm
Brand Name




Product Name:

COCO Hand Washer




99.9% effective antibacterial

Rated Voltage:


Rated Power:


Charging Time:


Bubble Speed:



Built-in Li Battery

12 reviews for ENCHEN COCO Soap Liquid Dispenser

  1. O***v

    5 out of 5

    Works, as promised. Foam forms. Slightly irritates the smell of soap, which is included

  2. S***n

    5 out of 5

    Works normally, went longer than expected ….

  3. R***v

    5 out of 5

    A good dispenser, minus that it does not automatically turn off, you need to manually disable. It is not clear how to refuel

  4. S***a

    5 out of 5

    Cool thing and looks impressive. The weight is also very tangible. In the work have not yet tried, I will try to finish the review. Delivery was extremely long and several times delayed and moved.

  5. G***y

    5 out of 5

    An excellent device, the main thing is that the soap was not too thick.

  6. I***v

    5 out of 5

    The parcel has been traveling for more than a month, the package is excellent, the dispenser corresponds to the description and functions accordingly, the only thing that the instruction in Chinese and sometimes part of of of but these are trifles and with a complete soap solution works for 5 points. Seller Thank you 🙂

  7. V***a

    5 out of 5

    Very cool looks, the design is nothing better, came with a liquid

  8. I***v

    4 out of 5

    Still working. It is not written anywhere how to insert a jar of soap-unscrew the top cover, unscrew the pimp from the center of the second lid, insert according to the label of of of The filling of the jar with soap is done by picking the second lid with a screwdriver and pouring into the neck of 2/3 soap and 1/3 water. The difference in the number of foam of blue mode and green (led at the top of the dispenser) did not particularly notice, like in a green slightly
    Less. Red color-off. I understand that this mode is needed when
    Replace the jar with soap.

  9. o***n

    5 out of 5

    simply perfect, thanks

  10. A***s

    5 out of 5

    Super stuff. Very stylish looks, works on Hurray!

  11. E***a

    5 out of 5

    Started not immediately, problems with the installation of soap, minutes after 10 earned as necessary

  12. D***v

    5 out of 5

    I ordered the second device. The first somewhere stuck and drove in the end of 2 months, the second got in the promised time. The packing is reliable, everything is intact. Excellent Unit, everything in the family is very satisfied. It is clear that we will have to solve the issue with subsequent refueling, but there are videos on yutuba, how to be with it.

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